DAMPZERO AQUACHECK is a low-pressure mortar bed injection dpc fluid. The product is a water repellent that can be diluted in water and is suitable to form a chemical barrier against rising damp in masonries.



DAMPZERO AQUACHECK is injected via a low-pressure pump into the mortar bed. Generally the wall is drilled at the lowest mortar line between bricks from floor level.

  • The hole diameter is 12mm
  • The holes should be drilled at 120 to 150mm intervals
  • The depth of the hole will depend on wall thickness
  • Once the injection process has been completed, the holes can be plugged
  • To complete the damp-proofing process, DAMPZERO HYDRASEAL SLURRY should be applied in 2 x coats
  • When plastering, please use DAMPZERO PLASTERGUARD, which is not only a waterproofing agent but also a salt retardant. Completing the process is important to ensure a successful damp-proofing project.


DAMPZERO AQUACHECK is an emulsion based on silane and siloxane developed to obtain chemical barriers against rising damp in masonries. One of the product’s main characteristics is its low molecular weight, which enables optimal product migration into masonries where it is injected. The particular chemical structure of DAMPZERO AQUACHECK ensures its high stability to alkali hence its duration when applied on alkali materials.

All these properties result in a product that

  • is not flammable
  • is stable and can be diluted with water
  • is environment friendly


DAMPZERO AQUACHECK has been certified by the method CSTC against capillary rising damp in masonry. The certification was carried out by the certified laboratory LERM.
Full data sheet available on request.


Appearance White emulsion
Chemical nature Mixture of silane and siloxane
Flash point 95 DEG C
Active contents 55%
Specific weight 0,94+-0,05g/ml
Storage stability Stable for 12 months if kept in sealed containers. Store at temperatures between 5 and 35 DEG C.


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