DPC Injection Cream


DPC Injection Cream

DAMPZERO DPC INJECTION CREAM is an impregnation agent based on silanes, particularly suitable for the formation of chemical barriers against the capillary rise of moisture.


Translucid white fluid cream

Chemical Nature
Alkyl silane

Approx. 7

Active Contents

Alkaline materials

Storage Stability
12 months if kept in the original packaging. Store in a cool place, avoid frost. Avoid temperatures of above 40-50 DEG C.

DAMPZERO DPC INJECTION CREAM 80 is a concentrated cream based on a silane formulation mainly used for the formation of chemical barriers – by injection into walls – against the capillary rise of moisture in stone, brick, tuff, sandstone and concrete. The cream has an excellent spread rate and forms a chemical barrier, thus preventing moisture from rising through the pores.

DAMPZERO DPC INJECTION CREAM 80 also fights the formation of efflorescence on the wall, and it does not change the perspiration of the support.

The product can be supplied in 600ml foil sausages, 310ml cartridges or 5 and 10 litre containers. Applicator guns are available for choice of packaging.

DAMPZERO DPC INJECTION CREAM 80 has to be injected into the wall’s mortar joint at the lowest level above the floor. The diameter of the hole drilled is 12mm.

The 12mm holes are to be drilled at 120mm intervals.

Once the cream has been injected, the holes can be plugged, but this is not a must.

DAMPZERO DPC INJECTION CREAM 80 has been certified by the method CSTC against capillary rising damp in masonry. The certification was carried out by the certified laboratory LERM. The final classification is A, which is the most efficient class. The results are available on request.


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