Hydraseal Slurry


Hydraseal Slurry

DAMPZERO HYDRASEAL SLURRY is a one-part waterproofing system consisting of a blend of cementitious powders combined with activating chemicals, high-grade fillers and powders. DAMPZERO HYDRASEAL SLURRY can be used for both positive and negative waterproofing against dampness and groundwater as well as hydrostatic pressure.



  • basements
  • sewage tanks
  • reservoirs, canals and swimming pools
  • water towers and silos
  • subways and manholes
  • precast concrete units


  • pre-blended (no bonding liquid required)
  • easy application – applied by block brush
  • block water passages – seals pores
  • can be applied to wet surfaces or green concrete
  • non-toxic and non-tainting


  • mix 1 x 20 kg DAMPZERO HYDRASEAL SLURRY to 7.2 litres of water to produce a suitable brush-on mixture
  • DAMPZERO HYDRASEAL SLURRY is supplied in a 20 litre container suitable for mixing purposes – just add water
  • occasionally stir the slurry to prevent settlement of solids
  • DO NOT re-temper the slurry once it has started to set


  • if there is exposed reinforcement within the treatment area, coat with WJ BONDCRETE to ensure sound bonding is achieved
  • ensure free standing water is removed before commencement of application
  • presaturation of the area is advised before application
  • apply 2 x coats of DAMPZERO HYDRASEAL SLURRY, one coat at a right angle to the other
  • allow 12 hours curing time between each coat


  • use rubber or plastic gloves to protect against cement burns
  • where possible, protect the newly treated surface from frost or rain
  • application should not cure too rapidly; treated area should be kept damp for 2-3 days


Colour grey powder
Working time +- 60 minutes at 20 DEG C
Setting time very similar to concrete
Over coating time 12 hours depending on temperature
Application temperature 10 – 35 DEG C
Toxicity non-toxic
Drinking water once cured, will not taint water


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