Planter Boxes System


Planter Boxes System

Planters provide an elegant way to display a variety of flowers however, planters made of decorative stone or brick are prone to leaking around the seams and joints and in most cases seeping of water takes place through the slab or box thus damaging the slab and causing corrosion of reinforcement. The water leaking out of these crevices is laden with minerals and other deposits that can cause stains and cracks. It’s easy to prevent these issues by waterproofing the inside walls of planter, so the water will only drain out the bottom as intended.


AQUASMART®-DUR is a revolutionary epoxy based primer/coating. It is a two-component, water based, epoxy coating. The viscosity of the material is low and the pot life long. The material displays very low levels of yellowing upon prolonged exposure to UV.

Main Membrane
HYPERDESMO®-PB-2K is a fast-curing, two-component, liquid applied, bitumen-extended polyurethane, waterproofing and protection material. It produces a highly elastic membrane with strong adhesion to many types of surfaces and excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties.It is based on a pure elastomeric hydrophobic polyurethane resin extended with chemically polymerised virgin bitumen.

Geotextile membranes are pieces of fabric that are porous, allowing water to pass through.

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