Rubberised Bitumen


Rubberised Bitumen

WJ RUBBERISED BITUMEN is an economical rubberised bitumen waterproofing paint that forms a thick waterproofing membrane suitable for a variety of waterproofing applications. WJ RUBBERISED BITUMEN is suitable for long-term immersion in water and will not taint the water. The product is compatible with most surfaces and will protect the surface from degrading. WJ RUBBERISED BITUMEN is water-based, non-flammable, safe and easy to apply.


Product Uses

Can be used to waterproof

  • non-exposed areas, such as retaining walls and cavity walls
  • cement dams and water features
  • under-tile in showers, bathrooms and kitchens
  • gutters, roof joints and roof screws


  • safe and easy to apply
  • water-based and non-flammable
  • can be used on most surfaces and bonds well
  • suitable for permanent immersion in water
  • application tools can be cleaned with water
  • protects substrate from degradation
  • excellent weathering and ageing properties when coated with an approved UV-protection coating

Without a membrane, 1 s/m per litre per coat. Applied in a 2-coat application with a built-up reinforcement system, 0.3 s/m per litre applied in a 2-coat application.

Surface Preparation

  • Ensure all substrates are thoroughly clean, sound, dry and free from any contaminants, such as dirt, salt, rust, algae and grease.
  • Repair damage to sound condition.
  • Metal surfaces: Prime metal surface with a solvent-based bituminous primer BITUPRIME.

Technical Data

Pack size

5L, 20L
No. of components Single pack
Drying time 3-4 hours depending on climate
Topcoat 5-7 days after full cure
Curing time 7 days full cure
Volume solids 60%
Application temperature 10 – 40 DEG C
Flexibility Excellent

UV exposure

Abrasion resistance Fair
Dry film temperature -10 – 80 DEG C
Solvent resistance Not resistant
Water tainting Non-tainting after a good flushing after 7 days full cure
Water resistance May be used under continuous water immersion
Shelf life 12 months
Storage conditions Cool dry area below 25 DEG C; container should be well sealed


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