SHOWERSEAL is a one-component, flexible, cementitious, waterproofing slurry. This 5 kg product has specifically been packaged for the waterproofing of showers. This kit also includes a membrane 1m x 1.4m.



  • 2kg per s/m per coat
  • Two-coat application is recommended


  • Not suitable for swimming pools or fibre-lined surfaces
  • Not to be used for over-coating bitumen surfaces

How to use:

  • Open the 5kg bucket – remove the membrane included in the shower kit
  • Using clean water, add 1.8 litres of water to the slurry powder
  • Using a paint paddle or similar, mix the slurry until a lump-free texture is achieved
  • Dampen the area of the complete shower to be waterproofed
  • The membrane provided is sufficient to cover the whole floor area and the wall and floor joints
  • After dampening the area, saturate the entire membrane in mixed slurry
  • Apply the membrane to the area to be waterproofed, the whole floor or only the wall and floor joints
  • Once the membrane has been applied, using a block or similar apply a generous coat of slurry
  • Allow 8 hours before applying the second coat
  • Allow 48 hours drying time before tiling


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